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Black Mirror Branding Toolkit

A branding toolkit for Netflix's series Black Mirror, consisting of a title sequence, digital billboard, animated Netflix thumbnails, and social media promotions. We started our title design process by designing a custom typeface that matched the iconic Black Mirror logo animation. We didn't want to completely get rid of their existing branding, but rather expand it to something more complex. We then worked to develop 3D assets to bring together the overarching ideas of Black Mirror, while keeping away from the show's actual content.

I took on the roles of designer, animator, compositor, and sound designer for this project. My tasks included using Redshift materials to develop the overall aesthetic of the title sequence and toolkit, designing and animating a type system used in the title sequence and toolkit, animating the wires in the first scene of the title sequence using a python script in Cinema 4D, and composing the soundscape from scratch using a digital synthesizer on my iPad and Adobe Audition.

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