Multidimensional Race
Multidimensional Race
Multidimensional Race

A multidisciplinary music video collaboration

In collaboration with three peers during my senior year at SCAD, we created an experimental music video for KnifeHandChop’s song ‘Girlfriend’.


3D Animation

2D Animation

Generative Textures

Practical Effects

Josh Parsons, Kaleb Sweeney

Josh Parsons

Mary Beth Morgan

Alyssa Kalbus 

Kaleb Sweeney

With the music characterized by its brash, unfiltered, and upbeat nature, our aim was to craft a visually dynamic and equally intense music video that complements the energetic tone of the song. We decided to utilize our random assortment of motion graphics skills, and ended up combining 3D motion graphics, generative animation, cel animation, and practical effects to achieve the final product.

My role in the project was to create various generative textures in TouchDesigner that we used as bases for the color and overall texture of the music video. The textures were used in the background and around the base of the ‘planet’ that the character is running across.