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I was approached by my good friend Josh Parsons (Brain Tickle) to work on some generative animations using TouchDesigner for FELT Zine, a Web3-based art studio based in Brooklyn. The project kicked off FELT Zine's new line of NFTs that users can acquire and mix and match with their existing FELT Zine NFTs to create unlimited and creative combinations.

The theme for this collection of NFTs revolved around clouds and what life and nature live among them. My task was to create unique generations of birds flocking across a 1080x1080 square using TouchDesigner, while Josh handled the 3D modeling and animation. I used his models and animations and imported them into TouchDesigner using an alembic recorder and used some loose boid movements to create the flocking patterns. I designed a custom tool within TouchDesigner using sliders and buttons for all attributes of the flock movement. 

Agency / Studio: Brain Tickle LLC

Role: Freelance Motion Designer

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