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Digital Graffiti 2022

These projections were designed with the intent of being displayed at Digital Graffiti 2022 in Alys Beach, Florida.

The first video is a group projection piece that I collaborated with other students to create. I modeled and animated some of the plant assets, modified effects in TouchDesigner, and composited various portions of the composition. The concept of the projection was inspired by a painting series called 'Course of an Empire' by Thomas Cole and the destruction of the biodiversity in the Florida Everglades by real estate developers. 

The second video is a compilation of my two individual projections that I created by adapting my VJ visuals to fit the shape of the structures. The first is inspired by the idea of 'internet vomit', Web3, and declining awareness and media literacy. The second was inspired by TV static and hypnosis, and how we as people are obsessed with looking at our screens even if we aren't taking in any substantial information or entertainment.

All projections were created without audio due to the festival's requirements.



Cinema 4D + Octane

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop




Alyssa Kalbus

Josh Parsons

Matt Paulsen

Greg Markman

Reece Bunbury

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