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Harm Reduction NYC

In New York, someone overdoses every four hours. More New Yorkers die from overdoses than from homicides, suicides, and car crashes combined. In recent years I have been learning about the harm reduction movement, a long-standing movement to address drug abuse through empathy, community care, and non-judgemental social justice.


To assist the many talented and dedicated groups working on this issue in New York City, Varun Mehta and I created a website concept that allows users to select specific harm reduction resources and search for them by borough or proximity. The need for this project arose from the fact that there is no reliable and simple-to-use resource for finding harm reduction resources in New York City. In addition to the mobile-first website design, we created various supplemental campaign materials for the potential marketing of the service. This includes promotional and informational posters, naloxone pouches, and QR cards.


This project was created as a proof of concept during a design internship in the Summer of 2022. It is under further development to be launched and run by activist groups in the city. We are currently searching for potential grants/sponsors, a developer, and an organization that specializes in harm reduction to partner with. Please reach out with any leads!

Agency / Studio: Selman

Role: Design Intern


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