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Climate (2022)

A sculpture and projection inspired by the looming threat of the climate crisis. My project partner, Priscilla Quek, and I presented this project at a SCAD MOMELOVE workshop in October 2021, where we introduced our project and taught a small group of students about the basics of projection.


We used a total of three projectors for this sculpture, focusing on the immersive aspect of projection. The sculpture was designed and built using Cinema 4D, Pepakura Designer, and laser cutting provided by SCAD. The bright colors and asynchronous video used in the piece are inspired by both the immediate threat of the climate crisis, as well as the lack of organization that the world seems to be operating around when tackling this crisis. The sculpture design is inspired by a house, iceberg, and smokestacks, and changes in composition as the viewer moves around the sculpture. Some of the footage focuses on melting ice caps, while some focuses on catastrophic flooding in high-risk areas, and others on the beauty of our oceans. We wanted to bring this found footage together to demonstrate both the environmental and human impacts that this crisis has on us as a society, as well as the beauty we are destroying, either consciously or unconsciously. The audio used in the presentation was inspired by nature and industrial noises, created using digital synthesizers on iPad and collaged in Adobe Auditon.



Cinema 4D


Adobe Premiere

Adobe Audition

Pepakura Designer

Alyssa Kalbus

Priscilla Quek

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